John Judge, author, historian, and researcher has spent the past twenty-six years examining the hidden history of the Cold War, U.S. intelligence agencies, and international fascism. Judge names the key players in control of our society and describes their plans to gain that final frontier -- "the space between our ears."
While doing extensive research in mass and individual mind control, Judge uncovered what he believes to be the real story behind the murders at Jonestown, Guyana, and links to military intelligence and a CIA program called MK-ULTRA. He also found numerous connections between people known to be involved with Jonestown as well as the Martin Luther King murder. He was the first researcher to raise questions and unearth suspicious evidence in the deaths of Judge William Miller (on James Earl Ray's appeal court), Jessica Savitch, Abbie Hoffman, and Dorothy Hunt (wife of Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt).
As an avid investigator into the Kennedy Assassination, John Judge found links between the characters, assassins, funding and operations in the subsequent murders of Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and numerous other public figures and eye witnesses to the killings.
Judge's research includes detailed examination of the entire Warren Commission Report and Hearings, 26 volumes, some 300 cubic feet of records in the National Archives on the internal meetings and works of the Commission, related books, and thousands of articles by the critics of the report, as well as those who defend it.
Daily, he scrutinizes newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times and each year studies hundreds of books concerning the secret history of U.S. intelligence agencies, operations, and political murders. Judge's 26 year research has uncovered extensive and detailed information on the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies such as the CIA, DIA, ONI, and other powerful forces masquerading as "government."
 For example, John Judge has had several conversations with Colonel Fletcher Prouty, liaison officer between the Secretary of Defense and the CIA Director at the time of the JFK murder. Colonel Prouty was portrayed in the Oliver Stone film JFK as the "Deep Throat" informer.
Articles by John Judge have been printed in publications such as Utne Reader, Critique, Spy, and Newsweek, and he is the author of the book, Judge For Yourself. His Jonestown research was recently published by Feral House in Secret and Suppressed. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and has lectured at many colleges and universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Amherst College, University of Dayton, and the University of California-Santa Barbara.
Judge worked regularly with West Coast researcher and broadcast journalist Mae Brussell on her weekly show, World Watchers International. After her death, he established the Mae Brussell Research Center in Santa Cruz, California, and organized her massive collection to facilitate continued dissemination of her pioneering work in the areas of anti-fascism and the movement of post World War II Nazi war criminals, scientists, and spies.
Currently a resident of Washington, D. C., John Judge is co-founder of The Committee for an Open Archives and editor of their newsletter, Prologue.
As a founding member of the Coalition on Political Assassinations and producer of their newsletter, Open Secrets, Judge is a popular speaker on government intrigue and the questionable deaths of many political figures.
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