" ...the investigation of parapolitics, which I defined (with the CIA in mind) as a 'system or practice of politics in which accountability is consciously diminished.' ... parapolitics as thus defined ... describes at best only an intervening layer of the irrationality under our political culture's rational surface ... one manifestation of deep politics, all those political practices and arrangements, deliberate or not, which are usually repressed rather than acknowledged." -Peter Dale Scott

COPA 2002 - Coalition On Political Assassination conference

"Four Days In Dallas" MK-JFK: ParaMilitary Covert-Ops From JFK, MLK, RFK to 911

COPA - Regional Meeting, November 21st - 24th, 2002

"Our choice now seems to be between a 'new war' and a new world. As always, the forces of reaction and wealth are telling us we have no choice but war, and no right or power to decide. They are calling for a secret investigation, a secret conviction, a secret method of execution, and a totally secret war abroad. The American people as a whole are the only ones in the world who have the right to decide on a national response to this tragedy, and it must be one that takes into account the rights of all the other peoples and nations of the world."

--John Judge, 9/23/01


John Judge - Host and Master of Ceremonies

JohnJudge1.jpgJohn is a long time researcher into various political assassinations and hidden history and author of Judge for Yourself. Judge was a co-founder of Committee for an Open Archives, editor of Prologue and Open Secrets magazines, and executive director of COPA for many years. John's voluminous research was applied before and after nearly every speaker at the conference. Never at a loss for words, John can cite chapter and verse of practically any issue raised related to parapolitical avenues of inquiry. John Judge MC's the 2002 COPA conference

Listen to...
  • Memorial Talk - November 22nd, 2002
  • Keynote Speech - 11/22/02
  • MLK/Jonestown lectures Part One / Two / Three-11/23/02
  • 911 panel lecture - 11/24/02
  • Endnote Speech - 11/24/02

Walt Brown, Ph.D. - Keynote Speaker & Counter Critics panel

Exhaustive researcher into the Warren Commission and the JFK assassination, author of People v. Lee Harvey Oswald, The Warren Omission, and a CD index to the Commission volumes. Walt is the editor of Deep Politics Quarterly , a magazine about the Kennedy murder.


BillTurner1.jpgWilliam Turner - Keynote Speaker, RFK, Jim Garrison & JE Hoover panels

Former FBI agent from the reign of J. Edgar Hoover who has been blowing the whistle on their lies and excesses for many years, Turner has authored and co-authored several books on the political assassinations, including his recent memoir, Rear View Mirror. Ex FBI agent William Turner

Read Bill's Book

Listen to his ...

  • Keynote Speech
  • Jim Garrison panel
  • RFK panel
  • JE Hoover panel

GaryAguilar1.jpgDr. Gary Aguilar - Counter Critics & New JFK evidence panels

Gary Aguilar addresses the audience before the Question and Answer portion at the end of the New JFK Evidence panel. Also pictured are Lisa Pease and T Carter.

Expert on the medical evidence in the JFK case, contributor to Murder in Dallas, and co-author of a new book with Dr. Charles Crenshaw on the Dallas medical evidence. Gary spoke on the Counter Critics panel about the skeptic Posner as well as on the JFK panel about his perspectives on the autopsy evidence.

More Information

Listen to his ...

BillKelly1.jpgBill Kelly - Counter Critics, JFK, & 911 panels and Future of COPA meeting

Bill Kelly describes the Air Force reaction to the multiple hijackings on 911

Journalist and researcher who has studied political assasssinations for many years. Co-founder with John Judge of the Committee for an Open Archives, a founding group of COPA. Bill continues to write for the online network called JFK Research, and is pursing full release of records and a Grand Jury reopening of the JFK murder. He spoke on these efforts as well as the "smoking gun" evidence for a deliberate standing down of military aircraft during the September 11th hijackings.

Listen to his ...

LisaPease1.jpgLisa Pease - RFK and JFK panels

Researcher Lisa Pease exposes James Jesus Angelton's involvement in the assassination of JFK

A lifelong information activist, Lisa is also former editor (with Jim DiEugenio) of the now-defunct Probe. She presented ample evidence for Mind Control and Conspiracy within the Robert F. Kennedy assassination involving alleged MK patsy Sirhan Sirhan - who may only be guilty of firing blanks at RFK as cover for the other gunmen's bullets. She also spoke on James Jesus Angleton's involvement with the Kennedy Assassination. She contends that James Angleton, the infamous spymaster who for twenty-five years headed the CIA's counterintelligence unit, was deeply involved with the Oswald / JFK saga both before and after the assassination of President Kennedy. PROBE & CTKA Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination

Her two part article on James Jesus Angelton & JFK's Assassination & The Assassinations - Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK & Malcolm X

Listen to her ...

LarryTeeter1.jpgLarry Teeter - RFK panel

Larry is the current counsel for imprisoned RFK "assassin" Sirhan Sirhan.

For RealAudio/Video of Mr. Teeter's presentation at past Press Conferences on behalf of his client visit this link:

1994 interview with Mr. Teeter. Larry Teeter OnLine. Current lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, Larry Teeter, exposes the lack of evidence that convicted his client

Listen to ...

  • Teeter's RFK panel lecture
  • RFK panel QnA

Donald Thomas - New JFK evidence panel

Mr. Thomas presented Echo Location analysis of existing audio tapes from the time of the Dealey Plaza assassination: "Donald Thomas, an investigative author for Britain's Forensic Science Society, conducted a new acoustical study of the sound recordings and again mapped out a fourth shot coming from the infamous Grassy Knoll.

'The gunshot-like sounds occur exactly synchronous with the time of the shooting,' wrote Donald Thomas for the publication Science and Justice."


Mr. Thomas' work was also used in proving precisely which shots at Kent State were fired by which individual. When confronted with the evidence the individuals confessed:

"... acoustics study of the Kent State shooting for the Department of Justice. ... using the exact same procedure - echo location - and the audio record of the incident, Barger had identified the physical locations to within ten feet of where the first several gunshots were fired. Using photographs and films of the incident, the Department of Justice identified the individual National Guardsmen in those specific locations. When these men were arrested - all admitted that they had fired their weapons."


Listen to his ... JFK panel lecurre

Jerry Smith - New JFK evidence panel

Jerry presented the famous Zapruder film with specific attention focused on the parts of the film stock not projected but which still record visual information. He contends that their is evidence in that specific region of the film which suggests the original film has in fact been altered and may have been shot at a faster film speed.

JFKpanel1.jpgListen to his ...

JFK panel members left to right: Bob Groden, Jerry Smith, Gary Aguilar, Lisa Pease and T Carter



THATguy.jpgResearcher debunking allegations of the manipulation of the Zapruder film

Listen to his ...

      JFK panel lecture



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Dick Gregory - 911 panel & Future of COPA meeting

DickGregory1.jpgDick Gregory's conference endnote describing his efforts to expose the murder of an entire family of African Americans falsely accussed of shoplifting

Check below for more on Dick Gregory and his 911 panel talk plus exclusive information on his involvement in the JFK assassination case via the Zapruder film and his experience confronting the Intelligence community as it sought to destroy him. More on the murder of Ron Brown, Paul Wellstone, the mass genocide of floride, the NeoNazi establishment and Bush crime family, VoteScam, Operation DC Sniper, the psyop manipulation of psychic Jeane Dixon... Check below to listen to his lectures.

Tcarter3.jpgT Carter - New JFK evidence, 911 and MLK update panels

Researcher T Carter gives an update on the MLK assassination case.

T is a dedicated researcher who has worked on both JFK and MLK cases with Judge Joe Brown, among others. Her first report was on her efforts to weigh the infamous Minox camera held in the National Archives. The effort to weigh the alleged CIA spy cam "found" at Oswald's residence is to discover what if anything may have been used to seal and/or fill Tcarter1.jpgthe interior portion of the Bic lighter sized camera. The camera has been impenatrable. As it turns out the camera does weigh more than the 200 or more weighed by T. Carter. On the second night of the conference gave an update on the Martin Luther King case related to securing of the rifle everyone believes is NOT the real assassination weapon and how Denny's (!) has taken up sponsorship of the MLK Assassination museum.

Researcher T Carter explains her relation to flight 93 which slammed into the Pentagon September 11th, 2001.

The final day of the event, Ms. Carter related her connections to the September 11th case. She is a flight attendant and one of her usual Tcarter2.jpgroutes was Flight 77 - the plane that went into the Pentagon.

T Carter was a regular stewardess on that flight and had witnessed one of the alleged hijackers doing a pre-911 test flight.

She said that she believes the plane actually went into the Pentagon, contrary to a popular internet theory. Her friends bodies and aircraft wreckage were recovered from the scene of the impact which she visited. Other revelations included privy knowledge of her flight attendant friends personal cell phone call to her mother. During the call the flight attendant friend to the mother that there were SIX hijackers - contradicting the number claimed by the Government "authorities." She implored the audience to research September 11th for this and other "discrepancies."

Listen to her ...

BobGroden1.jpgRobert Groden - New JFK Evidence

Photo analyst Bob Groden who helped bring the Zapruder film to Dick Gregory who gave it to Geraldo Rivera who then aired it on television for the first time

Former investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and author of two books on the photographic and documentary evidence of conspiracy, The Killing of A President and The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald. Groden addressed recent claims that the Zapruder film has been altered or faked. His own work on the acoustic evidence convinced the HSCA that there was a second gunman. It was Groden who passed a copy of the Zapruder film to Dick Gregory who then passed it to Geraldo Rivera who then played it on National Television for the first time ever, allowing the American people to see the truth for themselves.

Listen to his ... JFK panel lecture

JoeBiles1.jpgJoe Biles - Jim Garrison panel

By far the youngest light in the JFK research community, Joe has sparked hope that there are indeed a new generation of investigators to carry the torch. Joe is a student in Lubbock and has garnered much attention for his contribution to the research community: In History's Shadow - Lee Harvey Oswald, Kerry Thornley and the Garrison Investigation. Youngest researcher Joe Biles presents his research into the late Jim Garrison

Listen to ... his Jim Garrison panel lecture.

Andrew Kiel - J Edgar Hoover panel

History teacher and author of the new book, J. Edgar Hoover: The Father of the Cold War, presented his thesis on the role played by anti-Communist Hoover in both the obstruction of the Warren Commission investigation, and the escalation of the war in Vietnam.
Philip Melanson, Ph.D. - MLK updates panel

Expert in all three major political assassinations, and author of numerous books including Spy Saga, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, and two books on the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. He has recently completed a book about the culture of government secrecy.

Lyndon Barsten - MLK updates panel

Independent researcher who has developed new evidence and documents concerning the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He presented his findings linking US intelligence agencies to James Earl Ray, and other insights.
"The contacts and methods utilized in the murder of Dr. King bear the signature of the CIA, including the probable use of MK-Ultra mind control techniques. Parallel psychiatric irregularities at the Missouri prison system are described by James Earl Ray and Jim Green, including the shocking drugging of inmates which could render the indication of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness. It seems highly likely that Jim was subjected to psychological assessment and manipulation, the results of which directed back to Federal Intelligence Agencies."

Listen to ... his MLK panel update

Michael Nurko - 911 panel

Mike cited numerous news items familiar to Alex Jones listeners and affcianados of the 911 conspiracy. Mr. Nurko gave added detail to the story of a CIA station chief meeting with Osama bin Laden in an American hospital in Dubai the July before September 11th.

Listen to ... his 911 panel lecture

DickGregory2.jpgDick Gregory - 911 panel & Future of COPA meeting

Dick Gregory during his 911 panel lecture on how close THEY are to suspending the Constitution and imposing Martial Law

Mr. Gregory was "on the frontline in the sixties during the Civil Rights Era. Gregory's activism continued into the 1990s. In response to published allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had supplied cocaine to predominantly African American areas in Los DickGregory3.jpgAngeles, thus spurring the crack epidemic, Gregory protested at CIA headquarters and was arrested. In 1992 he began a program called 'Campaign for Human Dignity' to fight crime in St. Louis neighborhoods."

Listen to his ...


Obviously Mr. Gregory and the others had a lot MORE to say. Much more than we can print here. But rest assured, all of these presentations, in fact the entire conference) will be repeatedly broadcast on Austin Community Access Cable. For information on show times send email to Speakers Unable To Attend: Jim DiEugenio - founder of Citizens for Truth DickGregory4.jpgAbout the Kennedy Assassinations (CTKA) and author of Destiny Betrayed, a defense of the investigation by D.A. Jim Garrison in New Orleans. Jim has also edited Probe magazine for many years. Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D. - a long time researcher into the deep politics of the Kennedy assassination and U.S. covert operations and foreign policy abroad. Author of Deep Politics and the Murder of JFK.


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  • Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott
  • Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on the Vietnam War Era (1989 interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonol USAF [retired]) by David T. Ratcliffe with acknowledgements to John Judge.
  • The Medusa File by Colonel Craig Roberts (retired)
  • President's Secret Wars - CIA and Pentagon Covert Operations from WWII through IranScam by John Prados
  • Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy by Kenn Thomas of SteamShovelPress.com
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