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ParaPolitical Info – 2015

ParaPolitical Info – 2015

Welcome to the ParaPolitics website. We’ve been online for over 12 years. Some of the issues we’ve covered include… Militarized Law Enforcement, SWAT, Riot Cops, Vampire Cops Toll Roads and Surveillance State Privacy Invasion & Taxation TexMex Border Murder Factory (2006) & Ongoing Drug War Zone COPA Coalition On Political Assassination conference (2002) MK-Ultra & Related Mind Control Research and Information – Hank Albarelli Jr. Interivews: PsiOp Radio May / August (2010) AusTex Political Radio – Austin News & Views (2011) / PsiOp Radio … Read entire article »


Oregon ranching case sparks anti-government sentiment

Oregon ranching case sparks anti-government sentiment By GOSIA WOZNIACKA A private sign welcomes visitors to the Diamond Valley, part of the Harney Basin in southeast Oregon, in mid-December 2015. The valley is home to large cattle ranches that rely on both private and public land for grazing. The prosecution of Dwight and Steven Hammond for burning public lands has brought fresh focus to the debate over how federal land is managed. (Les Zaitz/The Oregonian via AP) Source: Oregon ranching case sparks anti-government sentiment – US News PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The father and son of a prominent Oregon ranching family plan to surrender Monday to serve more time in prison for setting fires that spread to government lands they leased as cattle rangeland. Seventy-three-year-old Dwight Hammond and 46-year-old Steven Hammond say they lit the … Read entire article »


The War Inside the Republican Party

The Political Scene / December 14, 2015 Issue – New Yorker Magazine A House Divided How a radical group of Republicans pushed Congress to the right. By Ryan Lizza How a group of radical conservatives ousted John Boehner—and pushed Congress to the right. One of the working titles for the group was the Reasonable Nutjob Caucus. Credit Illustration by Matt Chase “I used to spend ninety per cent of my constituent response time on people who call, e-mail, or send a letter, such as, ‘I really like this bill, H.R. 123,’ and they really believe in it because they heard about it through one of the groups that they belong to, but their view was based on actual … Read entire article »