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PrePlanted Explosives in WTC or “Built for Demo”?

I believe the first place I encountered this meme was during the June 2005 Coast to Coast AM 911 Roundtable discussion wherein Peter Lance floated the idea that WTC7 was pre-wired for demolition because of its National Security import.

9-11 Roundtable: June 2005

CtCam 911 Roundtable June 2005

A 4-hour panel discussion investigating theories behind 9-11 was held featuring four guests, all of whom expressed the belief that there are holes in the official story. Peter Lance and Mike Levine leaned towards the view that the government was negligent but didn’t plan the attacks, while the other two panelists David Ray Griffin and Alex Jones suspect an “inside job” to varying extents.

Then I came across this reference which is actually fairly early on in the post 911 era …


Posted By: Jedediah_Smith
Date: Tuesday, 29 October 2002, 9:43 p.m.

Agent 86 Prevents Kaos’ Destruction of D.C. Government Buildings
or How the WTC Was Really Demolished

And now there is this recent thread and audio at

9/11 3i Audio: Twin Towers – Built for Demolition

Twin Towers – Built for Demolition

Special Guest: Christopher A. Brown

Here are posts by others and myself about it back in 2005 on the 911 Truth Action yahoogroup:

I’ve done some prelim googling on this meme with search terms
like “embassy”, “pre-wired for demolition” and all I can find are 911
refs to both the twin towers and wtc7. One of the earliest refs I’ve
found so far is this from APFN in 2004 …

Bob Scheidt
Re: “Arrest the President Now!”
Mon Aug 30, 2004 23:07

How the buildings fell really doesn’t indicate more than that they had been pre-wired for demolition, which could be played off as some safety feature that wasn’t made public for security reasons or for the safety of the public.


I’ve heard reference to an internet researcher who asserts that the Twin Towers were pre-wired for demolition when they were first constructed but that just seems unlikely to me.

And as someone else has said, if Emergency Command Centers and various Govt facilities are pre-wired … how does that make those employees feel about working their if true?


Another more recent reference but no sources:

“High-rise buildings in built-up areas are required by law to be ready-wired for demolition in a controlled and sequential manner in order to bring them down with minimal impact to surrounding buildings if there is an emergency or if they are being replaced.”


On cursory googling I can find no real citations for buildings being pre-wired (whether for civilian high-rise or govt buildings) for implosion / demolition.

I believe it was Peter Lance on “Coast to Coast AM” who stated WTC7 was pre-wired.

Someone should isolate that audio clip from the show and start posting it around and demanding answers.

But I think Alan’s point is in part correct – this new angle gives disbelievers of us 911 skeptics another gimmie to say “see – there is a logical explanation for how it was demolished and Silverstein was simply going along with the National Security imperative.”

Alex Jones said nearly this exact thing yesterday after they posted the announcement about Silverstein’s supposed response to these allegations of demolition.


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