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Fort Drum Plans 'Courtesy Patrols' of local Bars and Restaurants

ARMY: Be all you can be

Fort Drum is going to start sending out two person “courtesy patrols” to local bars and restaurants several nights a week. The patrols will target fights, drinking and driving and other misbehavior.

ARMYEach “courtesy patrol” will consist of an officer, and a senior non-commissioned officer. Several patrols will operate each Thursday through Sunday from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., effective immediately.

The patrols will be on the lookout for “things that don’t emulate Army values,” said Julie Cupernall, Fort Drum spokeswoman.

That includes fighting and “reminding soldiers that there are many, many alternatives to drinking and driving” Cupernall said.

The patrols will stop soldiers from getting behind the wheel if they have had too much to drink, Cupernall said. “They will not allow that situation to occur.”

However, if local police are involved the patrols “will not interfere but will offer assistance.”

Fort Drum already does things like pay the taxi fare for soldiers who have had too much to drink and need to get back to post.

“Essentially,” according to a statement from Drum, “the patrol’s aim is to be a constant reminder to soldiers about their responsibility to live their lives to a high standard of discipline and conduct while out in the community.”

Courtesy patrol soldiers will be easily recognizable. The soldiers will be in their dress uniform and will have an identifiable arm badge.

Thursday: Drum Plans ‘Courtesy Patrols’ Of Bars, Restaurants

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