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VALIS ECCO – “Charting the Ecco of Valis”

Conception: Urinal Revery at South Congress Bakery one morning with Jon Sanchez of The Flying Saucers. circa … ? Earliest / first public reference: Berkeley SAC 1995 Encounters with the Fantastic – The Transformative UFO Paradigm. READ <> LISTEN <> [NOTE: Audio file name is case sensitive.] First online reference? AUSTIN ANOMALY ARCHIVESCharting The ECCO of VALIS Modified : 3.1.01 The Austin Anomaly Archive is currently the sole property of ELFIS (FAQs) curator SMiles Lewis. Several possible futures exist for this mass of accumulated ufo and related phenomena materials. The ever-expanding collection of over 500 books, 300+ magazines, and 100s of paper files runs the gamut of UFO information: from consciousness research to parapsychology and MORE! It is intended to be a local repository for UFO related resources eventually being housed in a publicly accessible location which may also … Read entire article »

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