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Nick Redfern Reviews Mark Pilkington’s MIRAGE MEN

Nick Redfern is an incredibly prolific “Paranormal” oriented researcher and writer. He covers all aspects of the paranormal, from general Anomalistics, to Cryptozoology, to Forteana, to UFOs and many points in between. He also writes about declassified government documents and the parapolitical implications of corruption and cover-ups. In this guest review article he gives us a taste of the newly released UK-UFO book Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington. Nick will be the guest of hosts Mack White and SMiles Lewis on the PsiOp-Radio show this Sunday, night from  7-9pm CST on the ANOMALY RADIO and AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Networks. He’s also giving a FREE Lecture in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 21st presented by the ANOMALY ARCHIVES non-profit lending library. Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington Reviewed by Nick Redfern Mark … Read entire article »

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