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Fox News/CNN Sold Us Out & Destroyed The Evidence

Fox News/CNN Sold Us Out & Destroyed The Evidence I am apparently one of the VERY few people who had tuned in to cable news around 8:47AM on Tuesday, September 11th 2001. I say this because virtually everything that was shown on FOX News and CNN between 8:47 and 9:00 has been either completely wiped off the face of the earth, or severely altered. I had some rare time home from work on 9/11 and watched the whole production from soup to nuts, thanks to my wife who woke me up and advised me to check out FOX News. CBS, NBC, and ABC did not break from their regular programming until shortly before the South Tower was attacked. There were glaring discrepancies on the part of FOX/CNN from the very outset, which somehow … Read entire article »

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