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Latest Info Release on FBI and OKC Bombing

  see link for full story … mants.html Info on informants A lawsuit connected to the Murrah building bombing suggests that FBI informants include a number of journalists nationwide. Jerry Bohnen October 31st, 2012 If Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue is right, there are journalists around the country who also happen to be informants for the FBI. The battered and bruised body of Kenneth Trentadue raised the suspicions of his family. And the journalists might not be alone. FBI informants might also be found on the White House staff, in the offices of U.S. congressmen, in the courts and among the clergy. The allegations stem from Trentadue’s ongoing legal battle with the FBI and the Department of Justice over the August 1995 death of his brother Kenneth Trentadue, who died under mysterious circumstances in Oklahoma City’s transfer … Read entire article »

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